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Since 2008, participation in Youth Sports has been a steady decline and the Covid 19 shutdowns has likely accelerated the decline. 

Did You Know? (Prior to Covid 19 shutdowns)

  • In the U.S. the average child spends less than 3 years playing a sport and quits by age 11.  (National survey conducted by: Aspen Institute & Utah State University, 2019)

  • By 15 years old, 80% quit playing youth sports regularly.

               (National survey conducted by: Aspen Institute & Utah State University, 2019)

  • Primary reason kids are quitting sports:  they simply aren’t having fun.

              (According to Aspen institute’s survey of parents of youth athletes, 2019)

Coaches including myself understand the important of practice, but we also know that most kids would choose playing in a competitive game over practice. In fact. most coaches run inter-squad scrimmages at the end of each practice, when players are tired because we know players seem to have this sudden burst of energy at the mere mention of a scrimmage.

Why?   Kids love to compete, it’s what makes it “fun” for them. Too few games to play makes it difficult to sustain a child's interest, especially for bench players and younger kids (under 13).

More competitive practices (Scrimmages/games), the more fun kids will have.

At was to create a simplified process for Coaches, Parent Coaches who are interested in scrimmaging against other teams.   Coaches can post their team(s) that includes their gender, age, skill level and location in addition to their; general availability and preferred competition range.   Coaches can also view postings from other teams as well.  Our Members chat makes contacting coaches quick and simple.  


Numerous studies have shown Youth Sports can have a big impact on our children as they grow into adulthood, such as;  developing social skills, personal discipline & work ethic, team work and so much more.  

Help bring back the "fun" to Youth Sports, Sign Up & Post your team today!


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